Ultimate Tornado Tours and Ultimate Tourz are the realization of a dream and a long period of experience and learning.

During that time we have come up with the perfect solution to being able to maintain the many things we do for others.

Welcome to our website and please check back regularly as we are rebuilding and making everything more user friendly for both the web and on your devices.

At Ultimate Tornado Tours you can experience Mother Nature’s Ultimate Fury up close and personal.

From Tornadoes to Hail , Lightning, Supercells, Structure and everything else mother nature throws at us.

We will customize your tour to fit your Storm Chase Vacation desires.

We also provide Monsoon Chase Tours in AZ and surrounding states during June, July, August and early Sept.

At Ultimate Tourz You can experience anything the Southwest has to offer. From Hot Air Balloon rides to start your trip to Rapids rides to finish it up.

The southwest has some of the most amazing eateries, nature and scenic views anywhere in the world.  From Ghost Towns to UFO crash sites to Old Mining Camps we do it all.

Maybe you like history more ?? Well we do all of that as well and so much more.

We are looking forward to meeting you and having the time of our lives during one of our customized tours.

Thank you visiting our site.


Jim, Kennedy